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1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles


High level:
"Confederate officials commissioned Stand Watie a colonel in the Confederate States Army in July 1861 and authorized him to raise a military unit known as the Cherokee Mounted Volunteers. After Cherokee Principal Chief John Ross signed the Cherokee-Confederate treaty of alliance in October 1861, he and the Cherokee Council authorized and raised the First Regiment of Cherokee Mounted Rifles, commanded by Col. John Drew. Drew's regimental officers and men were largely full-blood Cherokees, who were ideologically uncommitted to the goals of the Confederacy, but were loyal to Chief John Ross.[a] At this time, Watie's regiment became the Second Regiment of Cherokee Mounted Rifles. Watie's regiment consisted largely of mixed-blood Cherokees who favored the Confederate cause." Learn More...

A Guide to Cherokee Confederate Military Units, 1861 – 1865

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